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Trustee Leneghan wields power to choke discussion on EMS, has residents removed

Reappointed as chair of the Board of Trustees, it took no time for Trustee Leneghan to give herself more power. Leneghan moved to approve a resolution making herself the sole liaison to the fire department, as well as the trustee responsible to "Pursue Contract for Medical Director." Trustee Gemperline seconded the motion. Trustee Eichhorn was not present due to a previously scheduled out of town commitment.

Trustee Leneghan also had the sherriff remove resident Ray Sanders for speaking out from the audience. Although multiple people were allowed to give public comment, Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick was prevented from speaking despite having filled out the correct paperwork ahead of the meeting. When he approached the podium, alleging his first amendment rights were being violated, she had him escorted out of the room too.


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