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January 23, 2019

Former Medical Director Questions Ethics After Trustee Allegedly Stopped EMS Protocol 

"Last year, Yamarick helped establish the protocol for Genoa, Harlem, Orange and Liberty townships and Delaware City, or the GHOLD protocol. Under his medical license, Yamarick trained EMS in November of 2018 for this new protocol and it was supposed to take effect Dec. 1, 2018. But, at Tuesday's meeting, almost two months later, it came out the township is not utilizing that agreed upon protocol."

Former Medical Director Questions Ethics After Trustee Allegedly Stopped EMS Protocol (1/23/2019)

January 23, 2019

Resolution for RFP tabled; Contract with OSUWMC Approved by 2-1 Vote

Trustee Eichhorn’s motion to pass a resolution “Authorizing the RFP process for Medical Director Services” died without a second, and Trustees Leneghan and Gemperline moved ahead and approved a three year contract with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Trustee Eichhorn stated that she had just received the contract at 9:45 pm the previous evening, while Trustee Gemperline stated he had seen a draft, one that Trustee Eichhorn was not privy to. For the first time, on Monday January 21, trustees met separately with officials from OhioHealth and were given a document that outlined what they could offer Liberty Township residents to compete with OSUWMC. Trustee Leneghan has been negotiating with OSU since December 2018.

January 22, 2019 Liberty Township Trustees Meeting Agenda

Medical Director Agreement Between The Ohio State University and the Liberty Township Trustees

Liberty Township Parts Ways with Medical Director, Hires New One (1/22/2019)

Liberty Township's Leneghan Floats Compromise as Medical Director Departs (1/22/2019)

January 18, 2019

LT Medical Director Dr. Yamarick sues Trustee Leneghan for First Amendment Violations

Based on the actions of Trustee Leneghan at the January 7, 2019 trustees meeting, the suit alleges that "Defendant Leneghan has violated Dr. Yamarick's rights under the First Amendment" and "Defendant Leneghan has unlawfully retaliated against Dr. Yamarick."  Dr. Yamarick has spoken out several times against the proposed plan to move EMS provided by Delaware County.

Dr. Yamarick's Complaint Filed Against Trustee Leneghan (1/18/2019)

Updated: Liberty Township Medical Director Files Suit Against Trustee (1/18/2019)

January 9, 2019

Medical Director refutes Trustee's claims of performance issues

Dr. Warren Yamarick told 10TV that Trustee Leneghan "has never once brought any concerns or issues to me one-on-one." Trustee Eichhorn echoed his statement saying "there is not one single documented performance issue against Dr. Yamarick." SAVE Liberty Fire/EMS executed a public records request for Dr. Yamarick's personnel file and there was no documentation backing up the Trustee's allegations.  Article

Personnel file Document #1

January 8, 2019

Residents will soon understand Trustee Leneghan's plan according to 10TV interview

Answering questions in a sit down interview Trustee Leneghan stated the Liberty Township EMS department is "broken" and that "In many areas, our EMS is not what I feel it needs to be." Although Leneghan has claimed for months that she is "doing research" she has yet to produce any actual findings. When reporter Bryant Somerville ask if she has determined if the township would be better off with a new medical director her answer was "absolutely." While residents still wait for answers Trustee Leneghan claims "Whatever direction we take we're going to be improving our partnerships and the people of Liberty Township will definitely be beneficiaries of that." There was no date set for the unveiling of her plan.  Article

January 7, 2019

Trustee Leneghan wields power to choke discussion on EMS, has residents removed

Reappointed as chair of the Board of Trustees, it took no time for Trustee Leneghan to give herself more power. Leneghan moved to approve a resolution making herself the sole liaison to the fire department, as well as the trustee responsible to "Pursue Contract for Medical Director." Trustee Gemperline seconded the motion. Trustee Eichhorn was not present due to a previously scheduled out of town commitment.

Trustee Leneghan also had the sherriff remove resident Ray Sanders for speaking out from the audience. Although multiple people were allowed to give public comment, Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick was prevented from speaking despite having filled out the correct paperwork ahead of the meeting. When he approached the podium, alleging his first amendment rights were being violated, she had him escorted out of the room too.

This Week News Article  Article

January 7, 2019

Resident reads shocking email from Trustee to County Administrator 

During public comment resident Kerry Daly read an email from Trustee Melanie Leneghan to County Administrator ​Mike Frommer dated December 4, 2018, one day after the trustee meeting in which Leneghan stated she was just "one trustee" and that she was in the midst of "doing research." Trustee Leneghan told Frommer, "There will never be a task force approved by me. It's just a ploy by the left to produce their own ideological outcomes." She also requested Frommer to "prepare a transition plan for a test and a complete implementation." 

View Complete Email

December 27, 2018

Motion to rescind proposal by Commissioner Lewis dies without a second 

County Commissioner Barb Lewis made a motion to rescind the proposal sent to Liberty Township on Dec 27 but neither of her fellow board members gave it a second. Commissioner Lewis has been adamant that the wishes of the residents of Liberty Township are being ignored. Her comments begin at mark 48:06

December 24, 2018

Medical Director appointment taken off of agenda contrary to one trustee's wishes 

In a bold move, Trustees Leneghan and Gemperline instructed the township secretary to remove a resolution that Trustee Eichhorn had put on the Christmas Eve special meeting's agenda. The resolution was to extend the contract of the current Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick through the end of 2019. According to Andrew King's ThisWeek article dated Dec 19 Trustee Leneghan knew ahead  of time there would be no discussion: "But Leneghan emphatically said the controversial EMS and medical-director topics will not be a part of that conversation." 

December 20, 2018

SAVE Liberty Fire/EMS group sends letter of concern to OSU Medical Center 

During the December 17th trustee meeting, Trustee Leneghan admitted she is in talks with The Ohio State University Medical Center staff to find a replacement for current LTFD Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick. In response to that revelation, SAVE Liberty Fire/EMS issued a letter to OSUMC respectfully requesting they halt all talks with the trustee as she was acting without a resolution to do so. They also cited concerns over her transparency about the situation, as well as the timing. The group asked OSUMC if it would be responsible to make a transition of this magnitude in less than 30 days as Dr. Yamarick’s contract extension is up on January 31, 2019.  Dr. Yamarick has been the LTFD's medical director for almost three decades. In response to the letter Trustee Leneghan commented to the Columbus Dispatch the the group is aligned with the union "to distribute an abundance of misinformation to grow their effort to leave EMS alone."

Letter submitted to OSUMC

Update January 9, 2019: 

As of January 9 there has been no response from the university. 

Additionally, that same day members of the Ohio State University Nurses Association presented hospital administrators with 1,000 letters from nurses upset about mandatory overtime requirements. article: nurses' overtime

December 18, 2018

Powell City Council passes resolution backing LTFD fire-based EMS model

Citing concerns about a shift from fire-based EMS with cross-trained firefighter/paramedics to single-role EMS provider DCEMS, all seven council members voted in favor of Resolution 2018-20. Section 3 states council "fully supports and expresses its deep gratitude for the staff of the Liberty Township Fire & EMS for its outstanding service and dedication to the residents."

Resolution 2018-20

December 17, 2018

Residents disappointed EMS discussion stifled, Yamarick contract extended 30 days

In a room filled to capacity, Trustee Leneghan made a motion, seconded by Trustee Gemperline, to only allow three speakers for and against the EMS topic. While three spoke against the proposal (Bill Houk, Dan Schade, and Tom Hedge) one resident spoke in favor (Holly Adams.) Trustee Eichhorn called Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick, up to the podium to discuss details from the Fitch report commissioned by the county. Dr. Yamarick reiterated his remarks from the Dec 3 meeting. After debate between among themselves Trustee Gemperline moved to extend Dr. Yamarick's contract until Jan 1, 2019. Trustee Eichhorn seconded the motion. Trustee Leneghan voted no.

December 7, 2018

The City of Powell serves notice to Township for potential breach of CEDA  

Powell Law Director, Eugene Hollins, issued a cease and desist order to trustees citing"...the Township's pursuing the transfer of EMS services to the County amounts to a potential default and breach of the CEDA."

December 4, 2018

Powell City Council passes motion, declares opposition to transfer of service to DCEMS  

With the passage of a unanimous vote at their Dec 4 meeting, council members assured audience members that the City of Powell backs the current, fire-based EMS model, staffed by cross-trained firefighter/paramedics. 

December 3, 2018

"Don't play politics with our safety" was the message sent to trustees at meeting  

In a room filled to capacity with residents wearing red shirts in support of the Liberty Township Fire Department, 37 people gave testimony, including LTFD Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick and Powell Police Chief, Gary Vest, both township residents. Paramount to the issue was the fact that DCEMS personnel are not cross-trained. Trustee Leneghan assured people that she was "in the midst of doing research" and that "I'm just one trustee but my plan is to have one more meeting for public comment which will be our second meeting in December and then, maybe at that time, we'll make a final presentation, and ya know, share what, how we're gonna move forward."

November 29, 2018

Trustee Leneghan tells Commissioners move to DCEMS will save township $3 million

Trustee Leneghan gave a prepared speech in which she claimed that a transition to DCEMS will save taxpayers money. Members of the community also took to the podium to ask questions of DCEMS Chief Mike Schuiling. Topics ranged from response times to active shooter training.

November 27, 2018

Residents grill Trustee Leneghan about EMS during special Tuesday trustee meeting

Despite plea from Trustee Eichhorn and Commissioner Barb Lewis, Commissioners Benton and Merrell vote to send Liberty Township the proposal which would transfer EMS from the LT Fire Department to Delaware County EMS.

November 26, 2018

Commissioner Benton moves to send proposal to LT despite issue not on agenda

Following executive session, and under "other business" Commissioner Benton provides his rebuttal to concerns residents and Trustee Eichhorn raised at Oct. 29 meeting.  He makes motion for Admin. Mike Frommer to send proposal to the township. Commissioner Barb Lewis votes no, Commissioner Gary Merrell votes yes. Commissioner Benton's motion is after the executive session at mark 31:35


October 29, 2018

Trustee Eichhorn grills County Commisioners on EMS draft proposal  

Trustee Eichhorn and Commissioner Barb Lewis request Commissioners Benton and Merrell to drop plans for sending the draft proposal to Liberty Township which would transfer EMS from our fire department to Delaware County EMS.

October 1, 2018

Delaware Count presents Twp. Trustees with "Fitch" Report

County Administrator Mike Frommer emailed the Fitch report to all townships in July 2018. He presented the report to our trustees on October 1st. At that meeting Trustees Leneghan and Gemperline asked to see a proposal for Delaware County to take over EMS services in Liberty Township.,%202018.pdf

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