Who can sign the Removal for Cause petition?

  • Anyone who lives in Liberty Township (including the City of Powell) and is registered to vote. If you are at least 18, but not registered to vote, we can provide you with registration forms.
  • Every registered voter must sign for themselves. Moms/dads can’t sign for their kids, husbands/wives can’t sign for each other, etc.

Now that the petitions are filed, they are public documents. Read them here ...

Now that the petitions are filed withthe court and have become public documents, we can share them. Petition for Melanie Leneghan's removal for cause Petition for Mike Gemperline's removal for cause

Who can circulate the petitions?

Anyone over the age of 18 can circulate the petitions, and one does NOT need to reside in Powell or Liberty Township. If you have friends or relatives who live out of town but want to help go door-to-door, sign them up!

What happens when you collect enough signatures?

  • Once we have all of the signatures we need, our attorneys will file them with the courts.
  • The Board of Elections will then have to validate each signature against the voter’s signature on file. Signatures can be tossed out for a number of reasons which is why we have to ensure we have enough cushion between the actual number we need and the number we turn in.

After the Board of Elections validates the signatures what happens then?

  • Once the BOE declares the final number of signatures, the case moves to a judge.
  • Once it is filed with the Clerk of Courts, a hearing date must be scheduled within 30 days.

Who decides if they stay in office?

  • Once a judge is assigned to the case, he/she will determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial.
  • If there is, and the case goes to trial, the judge will make the decision. Out of all of the claims presented to the judge, only ONE must be egregious enough to warrant removal from office.

Is there enough evidence to prove they are unfit to continue to hold office?

We wouldn’t be moving forward if we didn’t think we had a case against them, but ultimately only the judge can determine if they should be removed from office.

What happens if the judge throws them out of office? Who takes their spot?

  • Vacant seats are filled as prescribed by state law (ORC 503.24).
  • In these circumstances that likely means the Delaware County probate judge will appoint replacements.

Isn’t this over and done with?

No! Our EMS is in jeopardy now more than ever. The trial date is set for Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 9:00am in Courtroom 3 on Level 500 of the Delaware County Courthouse (117 N. Union St, Delaware, OH 43015). Stay tuned to the calendar on the homepage of this website or our Facebook Page for other official updates!

How many signatures do you have?

On July 2nd we turned in 4,062 signatures to the Delaware County Clerk of Courts.

How many signatures do you need?

We are required to have 15% of the total number of votes cast in Liberty Township in the last gubernatorial race, so roughly 2,500. The Board of Elections will double check every signature and WILL invalidate some for various reasons. That is why our goal is to collect 25%, or 4,000. Once we turn in the signatures we can not add more and we don’t want to accidentally be under the threshold!

Do you still need donations to help pay lawyer fees?

Yes! We continue to have bills to pay, and now that we filed the petitions with the court of Common Pleas we have even MORE legal fees! You can donated on our website at or you can mail a check to PO Box 1473, Powell, OH 43065.

What happens if you get enough signatures?

We file them with the court, and a hearing will be scheduled within 30 days.

Do you have a chance of winning?

Yes! Our claims are strong so we will press on until we get enough signatures, but unfortunately the process is going much slower than we had hoped.

What happens if you win?

  • Vacant seats are filled as prescribed by state law (ORC 503.24).
  • In these circumstances that likely means the Delaware County probate judge will appoint replacements.